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Name:i am thefucking ___________ of dreamwidth!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:real person claims
Welcome to [community profile] thefucking! We're just another claim community, but here you can claim only real people. If you want to claim a fictional character, hop on over to [community profile] iam! As always with these kinds of communities, there are rules - please read them below before continuing.

✄- - - - - - - - - - -

in order for you to stake your claim, you must be a member/join the community
please double check the A-H, I-Q & R-Z claims lists.
first come, first serve.
your journal must be active.
be sure to tell us their first and last name, including the band name OR actor/actress/solo artist. (ex.: i am [community profile] thefucking britney spears (solo artist) of dreamwidth)
you may only claim one character; if you want to claim another, you will need to drop your current claim.
"the fucking..." must be in your subject line for the moderators to accept your claim, it shows that you read these rules. (make sure you keep reading, though.)
be sure to tag your post, that way it'll be easier for the moderators to keep track of what is taken and what is not. When claiming a character, your tags should look like the following (however, just remove the brackets):

!add, claim: [insert band name/actor/actress/solo artist]

If you do not have the !add tag in your entry, your claim will not be approved. When dropping a claim, just simply put %dropping as your tag (and please make sure you drop and re-claim in the same entry). also, DO NOT use the %claims tag in your entry!! that is for the claims lists, ONLY.

an example entry is here, and it does not have the !add tag because it's been approved.

you must remain a member of the community to keep your claim, if you leave, it will be freed.
if you delete your journal, your claim will be automatically freed up.
lastly, somewhere on your journal (userinfo or friends only post to make it easier, please!), we ask that you link back to the community in someway, "I am/I'm [community profile] thefucking [name and fandom here*] of dreamwidth!" for example. If we do not find a link back, your claim will be released. (*fandom is not required, but the name of your claim is!)

modly beings are [personal profile] koreans (founder), [personal profile] keys and [personal profile] huicheol. if you have any questions (this includes affiliate requests!), let us know. :)

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